golf data commitment to transformation

Having undertaken business in South Africa over the past 30 years, we remain highly committed to achieving transformation across our company and empowering our staff. We believe this is a significant value-add to our clients as we provide staff that are empowered, resulting in improved outcomes on site. Our commitment to transformation is guided very closely by a shared-value approach for both our clients and staff, as both parties receive significant benefit when our staff are empowered and enthusiastic.
We have achieved transformation across our sites in the following ways:
A selection of our maintenance staff are enrolled on an AgriSeta-accredited training programme. Staff receive intensive training that spans a year, culminating in a certified skill that they are able to put to use on site. The shared-value principle is evident in relation to the training, as sites receive better trained and informed staff members, while staff also benefit from having a certification that contributes to their careers in turf and landscape management.
Golf Data appointed the African Turf Academy in 2019 to facilitate the training across our sites.
The NQF Level 2 qualifications have focused on the following focus areas:
2020: Agricultural Equipment Service and Repairs (NQF Level 2 – SAQA 59099)
2021: Operate and Maintain Specific Irrigation Systems (NQF Level 2- SAQA 116066)
Additional training is also provided to staff on a site-requirement basis. As such, staff members regularly attend training to assist in their daily operations and ensure the overall safety of all on site. These trainings that are facilitated by Golf Data include swimming lessons, first aid training and firefighting.
We are committed to creating an inclusive work environment. As such we have partnered with local organisations such as the Living Link to provide employment opportunities to disabled members of our community. Given the success of the programme and the career development that is likely to result in long-term careers within the turf industry, we have become increasingly committed to employing staff members through the Living Link across all our sites.
We are in touch with the communities surrounding our sites. As such, we liaise directly with community representatives in relation to staff recruitment, ensuring local community members are given employment opportunities on our sites, reducing barriers such as distances required to travel to work and providing numerous employment opportunities to local community members.
We have identified key staff members within the Gauteng Maintenance Division that have displayed initiative and entrepreneurial traits, and have partnered with them to support the development of new business ventures. Our focus for 2021 has been to provide both financial and advisory support to Golf Data staff members, assisting them in establishing businesses that are able to work alongside Golf Data providing goods and services that we require on an ongoing basis.
Following on from the valuable contributions made by staff during the COVID-19 lockdowns over the past year, the Golf Data Maintenance Advisory Board was established to provide a platform for inclusive operational and strategic discussions. The Board members meet quarterly to focus on key issues affecting maintenance staff across our sites. These meetings are coordinated and deal closely with the labour unions that our staff belong to, ensuring that staff issues are brought to the forefront and addressed. Through ongoing dialogue between management and staff at all times, Golf Data aims to reduce any concerns of staff members while also actively involving staff in decision-making pertaining to the future of the company.
We acknowledge the imperative role played by each of our staff members in creating a successful business, which drives our ongoing commitment to transformation across our sites. We believe that this stance will prove valuable to our clients who are able to benefit from a cohort of empowered and knowledgeable staff members.
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