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We pride ourselves in having one of the most experienced estate maintenance divisions in South Africa. We have worked closely over the past 30 years to develop and perfect a highly effective golf course and estate maintenance model. This entails working with our clients to offer exceptional value for money, while simultaneously creating sustainable environments to be enjoyed for years to come
The management team has over 100 years of combined experience, having studied and worked for many years with most having worked in Europe, America or the Middle East on high profile courses like Muirfield Village, Tpc Sawgrass and Jumeirah amongst others.
The following aspects are considered core to our maintenance model:
A highly skilled landscaping advisory team consisting of four Landscape Architects to provide guidance and insight into all maintenance-related planning;
A focus and drive towards developing environmentally sustainable landscapes. Our team has undertaken significant research into enhancing the environmental footprint of our sites through initiatives such as the development of organic dump sites, water harvesting and reduction techniques and environmentally friendly planting plans;
We are dedicated to ensuring transformation across our business, and have focused on achieving this through the facilitation of staff learnerships and training.
To provide the best service to our clients, we are driven to ensuring the optimization of work hours on site through innovative solutions.
We have successfully implemented our maintenance model at numerous golf courses and estates across South Africa, with maintenance head offices based both in Johannesburg and Somerset West to expand our local footprint.

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