Golf Data in Endeavour Magazine

Bridging the gap between professional landscaping and leisure, The Golf Data Group are responsible for keeping the golfing vistas & green belts on residential estates that businessmen, leisure seekers and professional golfers use, in the immaculate state that they are renowned for. Founded by passionate golfer Robbie Marshall in 1989, GD Group has since become a recognised and highly valued entity in the international world of golfing. Endeavour Magazine caught up with marketing director Sean Pienaar to discuss.


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WE BUILT THIS CITY - Leadership Magazine

Steyn City is a testament to the confidence that billionaire Douw Steyn has in South Africa

The annals of history record remarkable changes in the human lifestyle. Imagine the task of getting to work in 2015 as perceived by a Victorian sensibility. The futurism of those times looks positively quaint.

Contemporary middle and upper-class living is often trumpeted as the state-of-the-art, but it saddens those who hark back to the time when neighbours and friends were greeted during a leisurely stroll down the park lane. Indeed, with work becoming as demanding as it has and the rise of social media and the Internet, social isolation has become an increasingly threatening phenomenon.

It is this trend of atomism and alienation that Steyn City is designed to outflank in order to restore a sense of community. Africa’s largest lifestyle development, Steyn City, which at a cost of approximately R6 billion for the first phase and over R50 billion planned for the second, was launched in Fourways, Johannesburg in March this year.



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SA's top 10 residential estates

The Pearl Valley Golf and Country Estate in the Western Cape has been rated as South Africa's top residential estate.

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Greetings from Graeme

I've just completed the PGA National Championships at Oubaai yesterday and finished an amicable 17th overall. It been a while since I've played a national event and boy it was great feeling to be alive again!

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