adopting the golf data maintenance model

Golf Data has spent several years developing and perfecting a maintenance model that has proven to be decidedly effective in providing clients with the high-quality project deliverance they have come to expect. This model focuses on creating economically and environmentally sustainable estates that may be enjoyed for many years to come.
The model has been developed based on our knowledge that has been acquired through our growing presence across estates in South Africa. We have held a strong presence at residential estates such as Serengeti and Steyn City for the past 10 years, which has resulted in the calibration of a maintenance model that is able to manage staff to maintain golf courses, general areas as well as residential gardens to the highest standards. Our presence on site also means we can provide insight and advice into any construction related improvements. The following aspects are considered core to our model:
A highly skilled landscaping advisory team consisting of four Landscape Architects to provide guidance and insight into all maintenance-related planning;
A focus and drive towards developing environmentally sustainable landscapes. Our team has undertaken significant research into enhancing the environmental footprint of our sites through initiatives such as the development of organic dump sites, water harvesting and reduction techniques and environmentally friendly planting plans;
We are dedicated to ensuring transformation across our business, and have focused on achieving this through the facilitation of staff learnerships and training.
To provide the best service to our clients, we are driven to ensuring the optimization of work hours on site through innovative solutions.
We believe that this model can be easily adapted and applied across South Africa to enhance residential estates in many ways.

creating environmentally sustainable landscapes

Golf Data has become increasingly focused on the importance of facilitating the development and maintenance of environmentally friendly and sustainable landscapes across South Africa. This focus is guided very closely by the following principles:
  • Research into industry trends and innovations to guide all maintenance planning and operations;
  • Developing site-specific interventions to provide benefit to both the environment of the site. This has resulted in significant research into solutions such as organic waste dumps and on-site composting, where all green waste from a site is used to create sustainable and cost-effective solutions.
  • Reduction of water usage on site through methods such as greywater recycling, rainwater harvesting and the planning of water-wise plant species. This is also achieved through undertaking test trials with various drought-resistant grasses to identify the most suitable species for a site;
  • Intensive training of all staff members on sites to ensure an understanding on the importance of sustainable practices is obtained across the board;
We strongly believe that through using innovation and research to develop solutions, Golf Data are able to transform estates across South Africa into environmentally friendly and sustainable landscapes. We are able to harness our knowledge on existing projects such as organic waste dumps and on-site composting to the benefit of the estate, ensuring an effective cycling of all green waste into valuable products produced on site.

Landscaping Advisory Team

Through the provision of both construction and maintenance related projects over the past 30 years, we identified the need for a highly skilled advisory team that can provide support services to our supervisors and staff on site. This need has culminated in the development of a landscaping advisory team of four highly qualified Landscape Architects. The advisory team provides a range of services to Golf Data clients, from the development of intricate landscape designs, to the provision of on-site advisory services. They are also focused on staying in touch with industry trends and changes, to ensure our sites are always maintained in line with industry standards.
All of our maintenance clients benefit from the skills of the advisory team, as they work closely with all supervisors to ensure intensive planning guides all decisions on sites. Our supervisors can tap into the knowledge of our advisory team at any stage during a maintenance project, and this has proven to be invaluable across the residential estates currently maintained by Golf Data.
We have also extended our presence at residential estates that are currently maintained in-house but require additional advisory services. This service entails the allocation of a Landscape Architect, where monthly site visits take place to ensure a hands-on approach is adopted. As such, the designated Architect works closely with the client to understand their estate needs and provides guidelines to develop
5- and 10-year maintenance planning frameworks.
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